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The Attack of Isis

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:39 PM
November 19, 2015

europe-map2-FranceEurope suffers under the mistake of coming together only for money and trade and not as one nation. Every individual country–most of which are the size of one state in America–in that group of some 50 nations wants to do things their own way, and in their own language, without interference from any overall governing authority (except, of course,  for economic oversight).

Thus, they have a rather ineffective continental criminal and legal system with France blaming Belgium for weak domestic spy oversight which allows terrorist leaders to skirt in and out of Belgium and then breeze freely throughout the continent. Hmm, wonder whose idea this was. Ahh, that’s right, Germany’s.

But even with one nation tying its 50 states together, the U.S. may not be much better off, as ISIS has announced that its next target is the White House and all of Washington D.C. and then adds its favorite target in all the world — New York, New York, that wonderful town.

Yet on the way here this newly criminalized nation some call ISIS or ISIL, et al also plans to bring down Rome and the papacy, because it identifies the Vatican as the Center of Christianity. Heeding this warning–according to The Washington Post and, the U.S., State Department this week “issued travel warnings to all American citizens in Italy or those planning to visit there for the holidays.

Newsmax writes: Italian official “Paolo Gentiloni  referred to possible terrorist attacks that could be aimed at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome or the Cathedral or La Scala theater in Milan.” Moreover, the U.S. Embassy in Rome told Americans that in addition to those tourists destinations to be careful at “churches, synagogues, restaurants, theaters and hotels in Italy’s two main cities.”

So where is Italy’s strong Mafia presence now? Have they also morphed into ISIS, just as drug dealers Pope-Francis-contemplatingand other petty criminals in Paris seem to have done?

But then ISIS warriors will never understand that Rome is not the center of Christianity–the spiritual world-wide Body of Christ is that center on earth, and the prayers of true Christians are actually the greatest threat to ISIS murderers.

As Christian non-fiction prophecy books attest, The LORD Jesus said:  “Search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life: and they are they which testify of Me (John 5: 39).”

Remember some Muslims believe at at the end of life, they will meet Christ on earth and be reconciled with Him. But radical Jehodists who think they can hasten His coming by killing, raping and other Satanic skulduggery are sorely mistaken.

Christ alone returning to this earth with His fully armed Body of believers will utterly defeat Satan and all his ISIS armies once and for all.

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The Evidence of Things ‘Now’ Seen

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 18:08 PM
November 9, 2015

I hope our readers have been keenly aware that what is happening in the syria-the-start-of-ww31 is precisely what we write about in this blog continuously: World War III has already started. Syria, under its present ruler, is collapsing; Russia has run in to prop it up; and Egypt is now drawn into, what will become a ‘game changer,’ with the recent ISIS sabotage of a Russian plane over Sinai.

As Daniel (1: 35-45) and other prophets (i.e. John in Revelation) explains (and is correctly interpreted in Dake’s annotated Scriptures), the anti-Christ–now surely operating somewhere within ISIS–will eventually defeat Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Turkey and incorporate Greece (as Europe fully incorporates the recent hoard of Syrian immigrants who will soon incorporate Islam into what is left of the Church in Europe). The only question is what role will the U.S. play in these final end-time battles.

As Satan savagely attacked our ability to blog these past months, we have waited prayerfully before The LORD, trying to build finances so new computer systems could be established for this site, as well as for our other blog site,

During that time, one of our team members suggested a regional newspaper and an internet radio program as other possible venues.  Hoping to mute what they see as my harsh messages that the U.S. and the world are in the last days of existence as we know them, the members voted that the internet radio program should be called ‘Home for Today and Tomorrow.’ They strongly believe that if Christians in this nation and around the world can just get their families to better exercise faith and love at home, it can lead to genuine revival throughout the nation and the world, as true believers prepare for their home in heaven.

I agreed to try this new venue, which can now be seen on ‘You Tube,’ and for an hour a week I urgently plead that this nation can only be saved from utter destruction if Christians wholly repent, begging God to spare our families by His grace and to bring authentic revival to our homes and churches–a revival led by The Holy Spirit and not be men.

However much the team doesn’t want to hear a negative message, the U.S. is tumbling down the tunnel of apostasy, a Biblical term which means falling away from God (2 Thessalonians 2: 3, Jude 1: 24). So-called Christian leaders now reject the Bible as the only standard for Christian living, as they deceptively establish new, very Satanic permissiveness.

The only hope now is for individuals to get their own lives straight, to re-establish their families in God’s true laws, and if they can find no Holy Spirit-led church in their cities to start one in their homes, as it was done in the New Testament (i.e. I and III John).

Today’s culture in America is just too full of cursing and lying tongues. As Nero Wolfe’s novels by Rex Stout reinforce God Holy Word: “The (natural, unsaved human) heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it (besides God)? (Jeremiah 17: 9)”

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