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For A Nation In Despair, God Is The Answer

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 17:38 PM
February 29, 2016
Cost Of Living Expenses Sky High Monitor Showing Increasing Costs

Cost Of Living Expenses Sky High Monitor Showing Increasing Costs

Have you wondered why your country keeps sending men and rockets into space literally burning billions of dollars on every wasted flight, while economic times for you and your neighbors seem to be on continuous decline?

Or why your grocery, utilities and other bills for necessities  keep going up, while you are simply buying the same food, or even less, chilling to use less heat or fanning to save on air conditioning? Or why you and your friends keep pushing back their time for retirement–planning to work for many more years?

Likewise, surely you have noticed the many “older” men with graying, or even white, hair still working at odd jobs, pumping gas, or working behind counters, while obviously they are well pass retirement age?

Even more worrisome, why so many men around that age are trying to quiet their anxiety with drugs like heroine, or even worse, turning to suicide as a way out? But a way out of what one should ask? Why is death the answer when such ‘victims’ live in a county which calls itself the greatest nation on earth?

For answers to these dilemmas, may try to salvage hope by turning to politicians for help. But have these who call themselves “our servants” already done enough against us? Surely, there must be something more than their kind of “help.”

What is really needed in this country is a return to the True and Living True and Living GodGod. As the largest Christian nation on the face of the earth, the United States of America is urgently in need of True Revival, not more ‘churchosity,’ but true Holy Ghost-filled revival which has men crying out on street corners begging for God to save them.

As God’s World assures in wholesale Christian Bibles: “It is not by power, or by might, but by My Spirit sayeth The LORD (Zechariah 4:6).”  It is now or never! Christians in this nation must fall on their knees in repentance and ask The LORD for the outpouring of His Holy Spirit one more time!

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