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Is Love Enough Before Judgment?

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 0:00 AM
March 17, 2019

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love God, how thankful I am that He has forgiven me, that He has never given up on me–in spite of all my terrible sins, disobediences and disregards for the many commandments well-seen and well-understood in His Holy Word.

How well do I know that this forgiveness does not come without a price–the Holy price paid in every everlastingly precious drop of blood shed by His Beloved Son, The LORD Jesus Christ.

And how well I also know that my every sinful word, deed, neglectful and longed for thought and act were committed in front of His All-seeing Holy Spirit. And that if I have not–do not and never will repent of these, asking forgiveness and forsaken such sins–they all hang in the clouds around me waiting, waiting . . .

Yet sometimes, it seems that He may have forgiven me even before I asked. If He holds them against me, I cannot tell for He is always kind and His many words toward me are Love–those words especially in His Holy Word. For some of my sins, it has taken several months, even years after those events I am aware of or remember–that I begin to start begging for forgiveness.

But what about the sins that I don’t know about, that I claim ignorance of, or simply neglected to find them in His Holy Word? And what about the sins of wrong words I have spoken, of blessings I did not bestow, of the sins of others against me that I have not forgiven?

Years ago, I sang a song with the lyrics: “I am satisfied with Jesus, He has done so much for me; but the question still remains, I am satisfied with Jesus, but is Jesus satisfied with me?”

Indeed, that is the question! Is He satisfied with me? Yes I indeed do love The LORD God, My Holy Father, and His Son The LORD Jesus, and even more, so I know that They love me. And to answer the question, I know that even though God and His Dear Son, as well as The Blessed Holy Spirit love me, I do believe that They are not fully satisfied with me!

At least not before I do more than just tell My Heavenly Father that I love Him, and The Lord Jesus and The Holy Spirit as well–not before I do more to follow the example of God’s Dear Son, yielding to the urges of The Blessed Holy Spirit–by obeying all He commands in His Holy Word, by speaking moreover Holy Word hourly and daily always.

And when I face that Judgment Day, when those words and deeds I valued or neglected most in this life are set aflame, even I know there will be too much wood, hay and stubble that will burn away, and less gold, silver and precious stones remaining than should be (I Corinthians 3: 12 – 15).!

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