‘This Is Your Life’ On Film––Just Like in the Movies!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:38 AM
April 29, 2013

Actor as Churchill    Today film acts as a substituting metaphor for history, reality and end of life judgments.  Far more unknown, rather than known, battles took place during WW2, definitely among men and women acting as spies behind enemy lines.

While most movies today are said to be partially fictional, elements of truth often hide within scripts.  For instance, during his role in ‘The King’s Speech,’ as King George VI, actor Colin Firth cries:  “ I’m a Naval officer.  That’s all I know.”

By the time that king gets to the throne, he congratulates Winston Churchill (played by Timothy Spall) on his promotion as First Lord of the Admiralty––which means Churchill was over the British Navy.  Thus, both men had Naval backgrounds, and were privilege to the depths of Naval intelligence.

In addition to being shy, King George VI had severe stuttering problems.  Thus, he was reluctant to become king.  However, after years of extensive speech training, when World War II started, he was able to give a great first speech in which he said:  “War will not always be fought on the battlefield.” The camera was focused on the Churchill actor when that line was stated.

Indeed, the secretive battlefield of World War II was in the intelligence sphere.  The same is true of World War III.  That war has already begun.  It is fought overseas and in the U.S., in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  While average citizens know little or nothing of it, this war will not be long hidden.  the_silent_war_min

While few of the public know what these victors have done for their countries, God knows.  Their acts of heroism have been recorded in God’s system of material records, for that time when all acts will be revealed.

Understand that, in God’s judgment, every word, deed and thought will be shown on film for all to see during each individual’s judgment––unless that person is ‘In Christ’ and has been cleansed in the Blood of Jesus by the time he or she stands before the Judgment Seat of Christ (Romans 14: 10).”

For instance, The LORD Jesus says in His Biblical account of Axis and Allies History World War: “But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment (Matthew 12: 36).”

All material elements on earth contain filming properties.  While scientific discussions elusively reveal it, recording film is made of fragments throughout the natural world: A 2004 report from the International Atomic Energy Agency states:

“Light elements play an important role in the properties of modern materials and functional devices. These properties depend, to a large extent, on the composition and distribution of hydrides, borides, carbides, nitrides and oxides in engineered thin films or in the near-surface region of bulk materials.”

So we are all surrounded by the cameras of nature.  Everything we do and say is recorded.  Thus, we must make sure that our lives are worthy of that great day when each of us stars in our own movie of true history!

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