The present Black Pope, or thirtieth Superior General of the Society of Jesus (better known as the Jesuits) is a 77-year-old Spaniard, Adolfo Nicholas Pachon. Assuming the post in January 2008, this ‘other’ Pope is over the largest male Catholic order in the world. However, much of its work is quite hidden.

isis_harpocrates    Secular prophet Nostradamus, cites Napoleon as head of the first world war.  Napoleon cites the Jesuits as the source of his military success.  In his biographical notes written while he was in exile, Napoleon Bonaparte said of them:

“The Jesuits are a military organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery.   And the aim of this organization is POWER. Power in its most despotic exercise. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. . .

“The General of the Jesuits insists on being master, sovereign, over the sovereign. Wherever the Jesuits are admitted they will be masters, cost what it may . . . Every act, every crime, however atrocious, is a meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the Society of the Jesuits, or by the order of the general.”  Thus, the Frenchman of power attributes his fortunes to the Jesuits!

This logic connects WWI and WWII as a continuous war, as the second was to revenge Germany’s loss.  Thus, WW3 still awaits. Moreover, several scholarly studies about Hitler cite his close affiliation with the Catholic Church.  Richard Steigmann-Gall, in ‘The Holy Reich:  Nazi Concepts of Christianity, 1919-1945,’ insists that Hitler’s attempts to rule the world were dedicated to that Church.

Moreover, with their discussion, ‘What is the Jesuit Order?,’ Mystery Babylon writes: “The Jesuit Order or ‘Society of Jesus’ is a Covert Military Organization founded by Ignatius of Loyola (a member of the Spanish Gnostic Sect, Los Alumbrados) in 1534.  The Alumbrados (Spanish word for The Illuminated Ones) where a Secret Society of Gnostic (Religion that combines Eastern Mysticism with Monotheist Religions and Mystery Religions ) origins.”

And in his extensive discussions about axis and allies history world war and ‘Mystical Babylon’ in ‘Revelation Revelation-Expounded-by-finis-DakeExpounded; Eternal Mysteries Simplified,’ Finis Dake unveils worship practices in the Catholic Church: its veneration of Mary and infantilized identity of The LORD Jesus, to the Babylonian idols, Isis and Osiris.

Proving that this relationship in Babylonian religion, with His earthly mother is more important than the relationship with The Savior, Dake relates it to Genesis, chapter 11, when men built the tower in the city of Babel (now known as Babylon––i.e. Iraq) high enough to reach above the heavens.  Dake also connects such Roman Catholic worship to Isi and Iswara in India; Cybele and Deols in Eastern Asia; Fortuna and Jupiter-puer in pagan Rome, etc.

He writes:  “In Tibet, China, and Japan the Jesuits were surprised to find . . . Shing Moo, the glorified mother of China, with a child in her arms.” The present Black Pope spent many years in Japan, studying ‘theology’ before his elevation to ‘General’ of the most powerful Catholic organization in the world.

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