Germany’s First (Neo)Nazi Trial Since WW2 Started This Week

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 22:43 PM
May 6, 2013

czech-and-german-neonazis-gathered-in-prague-on-may-day_1188425      For the first time in decades people are on trial for Nazi murders, but Germany’s history in World War II, as well as its failed police forces and anti-immigrant attitudes, are on display as well. The trial is expected to last two years.

Avowed neo-Nazi, Beate Zscape, age 38, is charged with being part of a trio that killed eight German citizens of Turkish descent, one of Greek descent and a policewoman, between 2000 and 2007, as well as with two bombings.

Self-tagged as the National Socialist Underground (NSU), Zscape’s group includes two presumed co-conspirators who were killed in a murder-suicide in 2011.  However, four other men––all of whom have far right backgrounds––are charged with “supporting the trio.” Does that mean they are not neo-Nazis as well?

Of these, prosecutors accuse Ralf Wohlleben, 38, and Carsten Schultze, 33, of supplying Zscape and her co-conspirators with weapons and silencers for nine murders.  Andre Eminger, 33, who––according to Kate Connolly of The Guardian–– has the words “Die Jew Die” tattooed on his stomach, is charged as an accessory in back robberies and a nail bombing in 2004.

In ‘Neo-Nazi Nuremberg:  Germany Forced to Confront Its Dark Side,’ Tony Patterson of The Independent adds that 07germany-articleLargeEminger, the “east German also sports a black sun tattoo comprising three swastikas. The face of the Nazi cult hero Horst Wessel is tattooed on his chest, and the image of a Second World War German soldier adorns  his arm.”  Also “Holger Gerlach, 39, is charged with three counts of supporting a terrorist organization.”  Again, aren’t they neo-Nazis too?

A parliamentary committee charged with investigating government complicity in the murders claims no evidence is found:  “. . . we have found. . . a widespread downplaying of far-right extremism by authorities, that rightist extremism was not seen as a danger for our democracy.”  But she says that “lawmakers attitudes towards victims is questionable.”

However, this rather weak position belies the fact that the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency resigned after a staff member destroyed files revealing the names and use of informers assigned to Nazi groups for years.  Several other security heads resigned as well––allowing what they knew about underground neo-Nazis operating in Germany to remain unanswered.

In her article, ‘Neo-Nazi Cell Survivor in Dock for Biggest German Terror Trial for Decades,’ Connolly writes:  “ . . . every detail of the trial is being raked over, not least the surnames of Zschäpe’s defense lawyers, Wolfgang Heer, Wolfgang Stahl and Anja Sturm, (army, steel and storm), words which are very evocative of Nazi language and history.”

Germany can no longer hide behind supposedly inept police and intelligence forces; or ignore its cultural studies war history, pretending that deep pockets of neo-Nazism do not exist throughout its realm––especially in rural areas of former Communist East Germany; or to deny that many Germans greatly resent non-German immigrants on the soil of their beloved German homeland.

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