To Be or Not To Be A Muslim Meant Life or Death in Kenya

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 10:19 AM
September 27, 2013

Kenya-Attack-bulding-collapse    As Kenya’s leaders try to restore order and dig through multiple stories of collapsed rubble to account for hidden victims of last week-end’s A-Shabaab attack on the Nairobi Westgate Shopping Mall, testimonies attest to the killers’ careful search for Muslims among the hundreds of shoppers.

So far, 67 are known dead.  And some 200 injured.  Reporting for U.K. Guardian, Afua Hirsch writes: “As one morgue in Nairobi said it was preparing for up to 160 new corpses, an intelligence source [said] there was evidence that the number of bodies buried under rubble could be in the hundreds, adding that at least one attacker was still engaged in conflict with security forces inside the mall . . .

“‘One attacker is still alive,’ said the source, who is involved in the rescue operation inside Westgate, and who asked not to be named, adding: ‘There were 200 workers in Nakumatt [supermarket] and 800 people shopping. The walls of Nakumatt collapsed. There are a lot of bodies inside.’”

The Kenyan government does not admit that one shooter is still wailing gun shots inside the mall, or that hundreds of people are buried in collapsed floor levels. But the Somali-based Muslim rebel group Al-Shabaab says the government buried 137 people with demolition explosives.

In email exchanges with Associated Press, Al-Shabaab avows that  Muslim hostages were set free, but that those who did not claim to be of Muslim faith were killed on the spot. Non-Muslims were considered “foreigners, a legitimate target,”

Andrew O. Selsky of Associated Press writes:  “According to published accounts, witnesses have said the gunmen rounded up people, asked questions about Islam that a Muslim would know and told the Muslims to leave the mall.”

Speaking for the group fighting to force Kenyan military out of Somalia, one email avowed:  “Our targets have always kenya-attack-girl-escapesbeen disbelievers, invaders and the apostate governments officials/troops who are allied with them.”

Another email exchange told the Associated Press: “The Mujahideen carried out a meticulous vetting process at the mall and have taken every possible precaution to separate the Muslims from the Kuffar [disbelievers] before carrying out their attack.”

It is estimated that perhaps 25 attackers occupied a space in the Mall to organize the assault and stock-pile weapons.  The government claims three of them were killed, but gives no additional information on others in the group.

For the Christian to answer such a question under threat of death by claiming to be a Muslim would mean denying The Name of Christ.  As such, it would endanger one’s eternal salvation: “But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in heaven (Matthew 10: 33).”

So before such persecution or temptation arises, as Axis and Allies history world war as proven, believers must “ . . . give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall (2 Peter 1: 10).”

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