Russia Interferes Again: Ukraine, Next Among Unstable Nations

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 11:20 AM
February 19, 2014

Ukraine-shaking-hands-Putin    A massive war-like revolt in Ukraine puts a damper on Russian Premier Putin’s basking in the glory of his Winter Olympic triumph, even as it hides wretched conditions in Russia.  At least 18 demonstrators have been killed.

Apparent Putin intends to extend that glory into a re-established Soviet Union, of which Ukraine is to be a part. But the people of Ukraine––apparently believing they have rights and freedoms––say loudly ‘No!’  They insist that Ukraine keep on the path of becoming a member of the European Union.

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych now believes he can take the nation back to Russia, even if it doesn’t want to go!  He apparently believes Putin will give him billions in wealth and gas reserves––wealth Putin doesn’t really have.

As BBC’s Marta Shokalo reports:  “Ukraine’s unrest began in November, when President Yanukovych rejected a trade deal with the EU in favor of closer ties with Russia.”  For the first time since the nation gained freed from Russia in 1991, Yanukovych such down all pub;ic transportation to prevent people from getting to centers of protests. They blocked autos as well.  People walked anyway.

After negotiating with the EU for years, Yanukovych changed course, and welcomed Putin’s grand offer to subsidize Ukraine’s energy.  Finally on December 17, “Russia and Ukraine announced a major deal under which Russia would buy $15bn-worth (£9.2bn; 10.9bn euros) of Ukrainian government bonds and slash the price of Russian gas sold to Ukraine:” Russia is already ‘broke’ by Olympic debt.

That agreement quieted demonstrators for a while, but things exploded today when it was revealed that protest leaders, as well as a ‘pro-opposition’ journalist, Tetyana Chomovol, have been beaten and tortured. Other protestors were jailed.

As police used riot gear and tanks against the protestors, they could not push them back.  Instead tanks were Ukraine-protestssnatched and burned and police ran for cover.  Most of these riots have taken place in the capital, Kiev, but they are spreading to other cities. As BBC writes:  “. . . the images of them breaking up a student protest and leaving dozens of people injured only fueled anger with the president and boosted the crowds in Independence Square,” which is seen as a citizens’ site for freedom.

Putin, and obviously Yanukovych, are from the old school of violent oppression, secret police, and virulent control of individuals.  They do not understand or accept the yearning for freedom living within every human heart.
EU leaders are embarrassed. New members joining their Union have never done so in such rebellious fashion.  The United Nations and the United States beg Ukraine’s leaders to negotiate for a peaceful resolution.

But that may not be possible.  Putin pulls the trigger, and he wants the Soviet Union reunited. Such impossible desire to reverse history will surely lead him and his ‘nations’ into World War III.  Of course, he believes that countless deaths are worth Russia’s glory!  Such idiocy pushes the world ever closer to that final war.

Even then the ‘Russian Bear’ will be defeated by and subservient to Syria’s ultimate evil man, the anti-Christ. And in the end, whatever ‘Union’ these scores of nations decide to call themselves, will be defeated by The LORD Jesus Christ.

As the Bible’s account of axis and allies history world war states: “And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunderings, saying, Alleluia: for The Lord God omnipotent reigneth (Revelation 19: 6).”

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