First World War Angels Of The Lord May Have Been Real

posted by WiseBooks @ 15:39 PM
June 7, 2016

angel wings whiteThere are many people that believe that angels intervened in the first world war. I am not sure whether this was true or not, but I am always intrigued to hear different stories about it. I have always wanted to believe in angels, and some people have such vivid stories about them that it seems like they certainly must exist.

The Bible talks about angels being able to intervene in wars on occasion. There were many religious people who fought in the first world war, so it may actually be true that there were angels involved since God surely would have heard all of the prayers. I have always been very fascinated by tales of angels and they are always very encouraging.

Miracles do happen on occasion and you hear stories about them all the time. I like to think that there are angels watching over me and helping me out on a daily basis. The first world war angels of the lord may actually have been there and I am excited to find out more about this interesting topic. I like to read newspaper clippings about it and to read about what the people who saw the angels said. I love sharing my perspectives with others as well.

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