More Than One Golden Dawn: Neo-Nazi Resurgence In Europe

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 14:53 PM
May 31, 2012

    Watchers cringing to see Europe’s struggle with Greece’s withdrawal from the euro, and the rise of its Neo-Nazi party, cannot fully comprehend these eruptions without connecting the radical politics with its occult religious roots.

This site has several blogs on the prevalence of dark cultish clans pervasive in Europe before and during Hitler’s reign.  Journalists have not connected the dark arts with the Golden Dawn Party’s recent wins of seats in Greece’s parliament.

However, certain elements are obvious:  The group’s name Golden Dawn is taken from the 19th Century Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a ‘magical order’ founded in Great Britain.  In his book, “Mystics and Messiahs:  Cults and New Religions in American History,” Philip Jenkins says that Masonic adepts formed Golden Dawn, which proved to be a powerful influence on occultism.

Also, in “Hidden Wisdom:  A Guide to the Western Inner Traditions,” author Richard Smoley says Golden Dawn’s influence on magic and esoteric thought “would be hard to overestimate.”  In the United States, adepts reestablished The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Columbus, Georgia, in 1977.

Surely, those viewing Greece’s tumble into economic depression with unemployment among youth over 53%, recognize that a trip-wire has been set to reenact Hitler’s political/religious rise throughout Europe.

In “Greece’s Golden Dawn: A Dark Image of Light,” Jonathan Jones of connects religion to politics:  “In this photograph the spiritual power of light has been stolen. The religious becomes political. No god is worshipped here . . . the flares held aloft are offerings of light to a nation. . . that evokes the pompous, histrionic rituals of the fascist political tradition.”  But in all fascist ideology there is Hitler’s god: the evil Lucifer, better known as Satan.

The violent oppressive bullying; fanatic nationalism; hatred of all ‘others;’ Nazi salutes and symbols; constant malicious rants; intolerance of political difference claiming it to be traitorous; virulence and resistance towards authentic journalists; entrance into local governments; select bodyguard assistance for poor and elderly Greeks––are all mindful of Hitler’s rise to power in Germany.

When Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, leader of Greece’s Golden Dawn held a press conference after his ‘win’ in the elections, he stunned reporters by shouting to the TV cameras:  “Greece is only the beginning.”  When they demanded to know what he meant, he wagged his fingers, shouting, “You know very well.”

The Associated Press points out that several other European nations now also have emerging Neo-Nazi parties:  France, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, and Denmark.  The prophet Isaiah cries out to Lucifer:  “thou . . . which did weaken the nations (14: 12).”   And so it comes again:  the god of war the history begins his nefarious weakening process again!

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