Neo-Nazis: Germany’s Inner War With History, Identity and Reality, Pt 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 15:03 PM
June 15, 2012

    The arrest of three Neo-Nazis for at least ten murders and other crimes during a seven year period seems to have awakened Germans to the dangers of rising Neo-Nazi cells seething among generations of the nation’s youth.

In an attempt to assuage its guilt for allowing Neo-Nazi fugitives to remain underground for 10 years, Germany provided compensation for families of the 10 known victims.  Also, the government scheduled a national memorial service.

It was held on February 23, 2012.  According to, “There has never been an event on a similar scale in Germany. Some 1,200 people gathered Thursday for a memorial ceremony at the Berlin Concert House for the 10 victims of neo-Nazi murders . . . The shock in Germany is profound.”

Because many of the 10 non-Ethnic Germans killed ran snack shops, the killings are known as the “kebab murders.”      BBC News reports that police suspect the Neo-Nazi cell also carried out a bomb attack in Cologne, “in which 23 people were wounded, and a number of bank robberies.” 

Sima Kotecha of BBC Radio One News-beat claims that much of the Neo-Nazi activity rests in a town in northeast Germany called Jamel which he visited. Kotecha’s host, Horst Krumpen, said, “I think you should not be here because you don’t look like the people from this area.”  Thus, showing his fear of what Jamel villagers can do to outsiders.  This was echoed by Nazi propaganda lining walls.

Reportedly pro-Hitler parties are held there in the summer with chants of ‘Hitler is my Fuehrer.’  “The village is in one of only two states where the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) has a seat in parliament,” Kotecha says.

While 75% of the German people want the NPD outlawed, the Federal Constitutional Court rejected the request in 2003.  But most Germans still press for federal action.  “Anti-fascist charities are worried a growing number of young men are being lured into the far-right, especially amid tough economic times.”

Officials have stepped up plans to combat the movement:  1) Police and intelligence services working together; 2) Data on violent suspects collected and stored and extended time for stored information; 3) Federal prosecutor having stronger involvement in cross-border cases; 4) Monitoring right-wing websites, etc.

Just how modern is Germany?  How can a major first world nation operate with: 1) No federal police force or intelligence agency; 2) Allowing criminal elements to stay underground for a decade, after knowing of their existence; 3)  And apparently disjointed cities and states, sharing little national interests.

Axis and allies history world war indicates that the same unsophisticated ‘innocence’ prevailed during Hitler’s rise: Just ignore facts and reason and assume everything will be alright.  Yet, as Proverbs 29: 18 promises:  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  But this blindness leads us ALL into World War III.

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