Nazis and Neo-Nazis Merge in European Union’s Hungary

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 22:26 PM
July 24, 2012

     Another country with a Nazi history merging into its neo-Nazi present is Hungary.  Although Hungary’s citizens have openly harbored alleged Nazi soldier, László Csatáry, for some 14 years; they have been reluctant to put the neo-Nazi label on the extreme right-wing Jobbik Party.  Now they have no choice.

According to The Contrarian Hungarian, Britain’s The Sun tabloid exposed Csatáry’s presence in Hungary.   Both news outlets claim that he was deported from Canada for failure to disclose that he was “the liaison between the Hungarian police and Nazi troops in the Jewish ghetto of the then-Hungarian town of Kassa, which is now known as Kosice in Slovakia.”

In ‘To Prosecute (Or Not) A Nazi Criminal,’ The Contrarian states:  “Csatáry is charged with being instrumental in the deportation of 15,800 Jews to Auschwitz and sending another 300 to their certain death in Kamenec-Podolsk in the Ukraine. However, Hungary has never held him accountable for these alleged actions.

Apparently Hungary’s law enforcement officials agree with historians who say his responsibility for deportations cannot be proved.  Yet Jewish survivors say that Csatáry, now 97 years old, is quite sadistic.  But allegedly even Nazi hunters consider him to be a ‘small fry’ Nazi.

The problem, according to The Contrarian, is that many Hungarians consider themselves to be ‘small fry’ Nazi participants in World War II.  And these many ‘minor’ Nazi participants now merge with a neo-Nazi generation:  the Jobbik Party.

At first members of the Jobbik Party seemed to be ‘normal’ politicians, but recently they have increased thuggish activities, shown disdain for women and defined themselves as anti-democratic.

And they have taken Nazi thuggery into parliamentary events.  In ‘Fidesz and the Hungarian neo-Nazis,’ E. S. Balogh writes:  “ . . . members of the Jobbik parliamentary caucus behave like barbarians in the chamber. They constantly yell obscenities at the MPs sitting on the left side of the aisle.

“The machos of Jobbik . . . also hurl insults at women members of the democratic opposition. For some strange reason nobody talked about these Jobbik atrocities. . . . One Jobbik MP says “Hitler was right in everything except he made a mistake with this holocaust thing which is a weapon in the hands of the Jewry . . . [Jews] are people of Satan.”

With elected politicians presenting themselves as neo-Nazis in a country of European Union membership, and that same nation sheltering an admitted Nazi veteran, how long can Hungary––as well as other EU nations with similar merges between past and present––deny that Nazism is thunderously returning to Europe.

Such explicit denials of truth include as much intrigue as axis and allies history World War.  But as Christ promised, “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known (Luke 12: 2).

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