Latvia: Another Example of Europe’s Cohesion with Nazism

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:13 AM
August 1, 2012

    Like many European countries, citizens of Latvia are torn between their allegiance to either their histories of occupation by Russia or Germany long before and during World War II.  This year, as the nation again celebrated elderly Latvian members of the Nazi SS, Nazi and neo-Nazi sentiment seems to be winning out.

In the Legionnaires’ Day celebration in Riga, Latvia’s capital, officials resisted calls from Jewish organizations not to allow Nazis and neo-Nazis to march in support of World War II Nazi atrocities. But those requests fell on deaf ears.

Some 1,500 veterans of the Latvian Legion of the Waffen SS in Hitler’s army, along with their supporters, and parliament members from the ‘All for Latvia Party,’ marched through Riga to celebrate their nation’s alliance with Hitler.

Not only did the Latvian courts side with the Nazi marchers, police stood by while neo-Nazi youth destroyed attempts by antifascists to place a flowered remembrance for the victims of Hitler’s death camps in Latvia. 

Within hours after they placed the wreath, neo-Nazis tore it up and covered its stand with the SS symbol in time for a parade of SS legionaries and retired Latvian SS storm troopers to march by.

Russians were particularly upset with the behavior of pro-Nazis during this Legionaries’ Day in Riga.  China Confidential reports:  “Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Friday condemned the controversial commemoration of Latvian troops who fought on the side of Nazi Germany during World War II.”

The ministry issued a statement:  “Odious demonstrations by soldiers on whose conscience are numerous crimes were held against the backdrop of a mass propaganda campaign organized by the Latvian authorities to whitewash these so-called ‘fighters for Latvia’s freedom.’  A flagrant attempt to revise the truth about Nazi atrocities, to review the rulings of the Nuremberg Tribunal that condemned SS members cannot but cause indignation.”

In another support for Nazi victims, Monica Lowenberg from Great Britain placed a wreath at the foot of the Freedom Monument.  She even wore the stripped ghetto clothing that her relatives wore on their way to the gas chambers.

During her PhD studies to find out what happened to her family members, Ms. Lowenberg discovered that Latvia’s 15th Division was the most decorated of Himmler’s SS divisions.  In an open letter to Latvians she asked why the nation would celebrate the Waffen-SS, “the greatest Jew-killing machine in the world.”  She asks how the European Union could allow one of its members to laud Nazis.

Those are good questions.  Axis and allies history world war need the answers also since millions of people gave their lives in WWII so that Nazism would not raise its ugly head again.  Just like Latvia, many European nations today are double-minded about Nazism.  As the Bible says:  “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1: 8).” Such instability will lead to World War III!

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5 Responses to “Latvia: Another Example of Europe’s Cohesion with Nazism”

  1. Gederts Skerstens Says:

    “… since millions of people gave their lives in WWII…”

    That’s right.
    Most of those millions to the Communists. An ideology that requires millions of deaths.

    There won’t be any apology from anyone in Eastern Europe for opposing an ideology that required the death of that opposition.

    Red Clowns.

  2. Gederts Skerstens Says:

    “Awaiting Moderation”? For three days?

    Just admit that you Red Clowns hold the World Record for Mass Murder.

    30 Million.

    And get why you’re hated.

  3. Gederts Skerstens Says:

    “Russians were upset”

    Poor Russians.
    Even more Upset may have been the Chechens. A nation almost wiped by the poor Russian victims of everything.
    The World Record-Holders for Mass-Murder.
    Poor Russians.

  4. Gederts Skerstens Says:

    No Responses?

    You’ve never been like Us.

    Another Society.

    Luckily, you have no monopoly on anything anymore.
    America has all the fracked Hydrocarbons it needs. So will Europe.

    So proceed with Russian/Soviet fantasies. No-one cares.

  5. Gederts Skerstens Says:

    Gutless Clowns.
    Just post what’s said.
    Deal with what follows, in a normal manner.

    (Timid in Postings, and World-Record Holders in Mass-Murder.