WWII Germany: Strong Occult Lies Can Destroy Weak Faith in God!

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
November 27, 2012

    Our purpose for the study of  World War II history is to elucidate dangerous traits in Christian societies within the Western world which allowed the rise of the absurdly crazed behaviors as to trigger World Wars.

Famed German Rocket scientist Willy Ley, who came to the United States in 1937,  revealed something quite profound in 1947 in his article, ‘Pseudoscience in Naziland’ published in the science fiction magazine ‘Astounding Science Fiction.’

Ley wrote that Hitler was able to gain national prominence only because Germany was flooded with mystical-seeking organizations, and what he called irrational non-scientific thinking, of which he gave the example of the Vril Society:

“The next group was literally founded upon a novel. That group which I think called itself Wahrheitsgesellschaft—Society for Truth—and which was more or less localized in Berlin, devoted its spare time looking for Vril.”

Even today some scholars are not sure if that Society even existed.  Others claim it was an elite group within the better-known Thule Society.  A few expound it was headed by a group of spiritist women, such as Austrian oracle Maria Orsic.

Such master scholars as Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in their great work, ‘The Morning of the Magicians,’ authenticate Ley’s insistence that The Vril Society not only existed, but that it was a major influence on Hitler’s beliefs in mysticism, drug-induced Satanism, and the hidden world of Vril.

That world was illustrated in the novel, ‘Vril: The Power of the Coming Race,’ written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  This work of ‘fiction’ convinced German leaders that a superior subterranean antediluvian master race––energized by a magic substance called Vril––lives below earth’s surface.

Lytton’s influence on Hitler and his Nazi inner-circle was so profound that they spent years and vast wealth traipsing to the coldest regions in Asia looking for secret caves and tunnels leading to the Shangrila world of Vriland.

When a nation’s evidence of Christianity is shallow, materialistic and hypocritical––citizens may flock to other venues to authenticate the existence of spiritual realities.  Such was the state in pre-World War Germany.

Yes, the majority of Germans went to church every Sunday.  Most even put tithes and offerings in collection plates.  In addition to strict moralized behaviors as part of German culture, children may even have memorized a few Bible verses.

But it was all rote.  Nothing was in the heart.  By adulthood, without the love of God in their inner-beings, and following subversive occult teachings infused in society, it eventually became easy for German troops to slaughter without guilt.

The Vril Society is an example of cultural studies war history in Germany contributing to understanding of how the nation went so far wrong.  As the Bible warns:  “This is thy lot, the portion of thy measures from Me, saith The LORD; because thou hast forgotten Me, and trusted in falsehood (Jeremiah 13:  25).”

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