Biometrics’ I. D. Tracking & Other “International Identities,” Pt. 2

posted by Dr. Jael Ever @ 16:46 PM
March 21, 2012

 Deeper research into reasons for Sweden’s biometric breakthroughs reveals several possibilities:  1)  Surreptitious protection of Hitler’s gold; 2) Control and expulsion of unwanted illegal immigrants; and 3)  A cover for other European nations and the United States for international exchange of biometric information.

 Although Sweden has a somewhat stellar reputation of protecting  Jews  from Hitler during World War II, it is now known that, along with Switzerland, some of the Third Reich’s stolen gold was smuggled into Sweden.
 In “Hitler’s Gold: Uncovering the Biggest Bank Heist in History,”  Joseph McCullough writes: “. . . it is reported up to $409 million in gold was purchased by Swiss banks during Hitler’s control over Germany.
 “However, the Swiss are not the only country accused of receiving Nazi gold during the war. Among the countries to have allegedly received Nazi funds are: Sweden, Portugal, and even the Vatican. . . . it is unclear how much gold is in question and where it could be.”  Compounded biometric systems would be additional safeguards for protecting and transferring that gold.
 Moreover, Sweden’s citizens have revolted against their country’s tolerance for illegal immigrants.  In her article for The New York Times, “Swedes Begin to Question Liberal Migration Tenets,” Suzanne Daley gives an example:

 “Nick Nilsson, decided to vote for Sweden’s far-right party . . . because of a growing sense that his country had gone too far in letting so many immigrants settle . . . Nilsson lives a half mile from the Rosengard section . . . where. . . buildings are jammed with refugees from . . . all the world’s recent conflicts: Iranians, Bosnians, Palestinians, Somalis, Iraqis. ‘No one has a job over there,’ [he] said. ‘They are shooting at each other. There are drugs. They burn cars. . .’”

 Yesterday we pointed out that senior citizens are already having difficulty with Sweden’s new biometrics system because they deal in cash, not plastic cards.  Now, according to “Refugees and the Biometric Future: The Impact of Biometrics on Refugees and Asylum Seekers,” a pdf file by Achraf Farraj:

 “ . . . the application of biometrics to refugees and asylum seekers raises several concerns, including violation of privacy, mis-identification, stigmatization, and the potential to block meritorious asylum applications. . . . to the extent that national laws may inadequately protect refugees and asylum seekers, biometric technology, owing to its usefulness in law enforcement . . . might ultimately undermine their safety and welfare.”

 The future  of this “security” is obvious.  As most Christian adult fiction books explain, Satan always schemes (Mark 4:15).  Biometrics will drive “old-fashioned” criminals underground to prey on the aged and immigrants, away from technology’s eyes, while excluding the poor and other “strangers” from so-called biometric protections.  More on how this affects other nations in the next blog.

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